“Sexual Business”©LNY 10/02/16

​Damn I remember when you used to be on that business with me whether we were together or not you always knew you could hit it,quit it whenever you wanted,

 Yeah it was all yours and I allowed you to flaunt it.

 I was able to hit it and quit it too,

 Just so we are clear it was never really about you!!! 

Even though we both laid each other out when we needed to!!! 

Now I am at a crossroads accepting our time is finally through.

 Remember my sexual business was always loving and being in love with you!!!!!©LadyNY 10/02/16


“Do I Still Love You???”©Lady NY

​Do I still love you???

Maybe I do, Maybe I don’t 

I still know that it is you I want.

Do I still love you I never really stopped,

Maybe your feeling the same things too!!!!

You already know there was no limit where I was I willing to go only for you. 

The ends of the world is nothing but a word

Yet I could fly over every ocean to your love like a bird.

Yeah my love for you still cascades out of control even though you are no longer in my arms to forever hold!!!

We were destined to be together no matter what anyone else may believe,

You know my arms will always be open for you to receive me whatever come what may I am and will always be your first lady!!!!!©Lady NY 9/27/16

“Once A Man, Twice A Child”

“Once A Man, Twice A Child

When we come into the world,

We came as a helpless being.

An infant looking, hearning, learning about the world viriginity,

Being innocent love keeps us shielded in a safety net

somewhat until it becomes our turn to a child,

Still learning only some of life’s hard lessons..

Bad as well as good trying to complete our thoughts

always being misunderstood while time goes on.

It is the way of life being a child.

Trials come at us full force being a teenager.

Now we are of legal age,

Responsible for own decisions,

Before we know it we are back to where we started

one life to pass on to another world in a

serene, calm peaceful life as a child.

“My New Baby In The Making”©LNY

Yeahhhhhh You heard me right, this lil bundle of mine has made it full circle in more ways than one.I am looking forward to something so big that you will have to wait and see, Your gal Lady NY is about to put a serious hurting on the industry. Sit back relax and be completely amazed, Some of those that were sleeping on me is going to be blown absolutely away!!!!!
My new baby is making every wish and dream I ever held close to my heart, My brand new reality!!!!!!!©LNY 5/31/16